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 About Nirvana  

The S/Y Nirvana is a very good and safe sailing yacht. It can be navigated by one man alone. All rigging equipment has been over-dimensioned. The long keel contains tanks and ballast, which makes a double hull under the waterline. Moreover, there are waterproof doors in the bow, the engine room and the aft cabin. Nirvana has been designed and built to endure voyages on all seas and for winterings in the Arctic . The engine room contains a workshop and has enough room for repairs of both the engine and other equipment. For example the engine and the day tanks can be levitated straight up from the cockpit deck without any major disassemblings . Nirvana has been approved by Lloyds. When Nirvana had been approved and was ready to be sandblasted, the inspector proclaimed: �this is the most seaworthy sailing yacht I have ever seen.�

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S/Y Nirvana is designed by the Dutch designer Dick Zaal and is a Skarpsno 44. Originally, it was ketch rigged and Nirvana is the first one with one mast designed as a Cutter. There are only 6 or 7 Skarpsno 44s in the world, most of them built before 1990, but there are none in Norway . Dick has been very helpful and, aside from the hull, many of the designs have been altered to fit my wishes and needs. Nirvana has become a vessel in keeping with my wishes.


The interior is Black Alder and Oak, and it is made by Ortnevik Tre.

Nirvana's Maiden Trip
Maidentrip 1.jpg Maidentrip5.jpg

Fitting of the Interior

S/Y Nirvana has been fitted with Norwegian wood; Black Alder an Oak. The Alder used to be called �the Mahogany of the North� and is a very good alternative to the rainforest. Teak has only been used in the cokcpit and in the shower. The Alder is local and has been felled at Tveit in Hyllestad.

Helge Dyrrdal with Ortnevik Tre was in charge of the fittings. Ortnevik Tre is a small company in Ortnevik in the rural district of Høyanger.

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Ferdig innredning (5 siste foto av Jan B. Lillebø)
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Dåpen (Foto: N. R. Sælthun)

framsidebilder001.jpg framsidebilder007.jpg framsidebilder008.jpg

The interior

Our aim was to make Nirvana look like a wooden boat on the inside, which Ortnevik Tre has brilliantly succeeded in doing.

The decking is made of Oak with Black furrows, varnished with epoxy varnish. The ceiling is in white respatex with railings in Black Alder stained in a nutty-brown color and varnished.

All doors are panel doors in Black Alder. The salon is fitted with 50 mm Alder panels or 20mm massive wood. Other than that, we have used sheets of veneered Alder in the bow and the aft cabin.

The inside has been cladded with 4mm sheets of plywood, varnished on both sides. These sheets lie on 20 mm wooden stringers, which are mounted to steel frames. All the fittings have also been varnished.


The entire boat has been insulated with 32 mm Armaflex by Rockwool. Frames and endings have been plastered with 5 mm Armaflex. Nirvana is insulated far below the water line, with room for drainage only in the keel - area .

The advantage of this is that on the inside, the boat will keep sea temperature all year round. In the winter, when docked in Høyanger, the temperature in the salon is rarely below + 3° C without any heating. In the summer when the sun shines all day, the salon is comfortably cool.
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Armaflex has been used as a replacement for sprayed polyurethane foam, which is generally very hard to work with without making a mess. It also exudes gasses. Armaflex is also more fire restrictive.


Waterproof ship cable has been used throughout the entire boat . Mastervolt equipment is mainly used on the 12 volt circuit .

Technical Data


Built: 2001

Shipyard: Mekon Shipyard, Lemmer, Holland

Building materials: Steel, ice-enforced with tight steel frames in the bow, and h-beam along the water line in the front.

Paint: International epoxy ship paint

Insulation: 32 mm Armaflex by Rockwool

Steering system : Whitlock mamba direct mechanical with electrical autopilot engine .

Wincher: Andersen

Heating: Dickinson, Taylor, Ardic

Fittings: Ortnevik Tre, Bjordal. Completely finished boat: 2004

Length above deck: 13,5 m ( without bow spear )

Length WL: 11,5 m

Width: 4,1 m

Debth: about 1,9 m

Ballast in keel: about 6500 kg lead

Deplacement: 19500 kg

Rig: Ocean Sparcraft, 19,5 m owl

Sail area : about 120 m².

Sail: De Vries ; foresail on Furlex , cutter / staysail , stormjib , full batton mainsail

Engine: Perkins M90 with gear

Propellars: three-winged hydraulic pitch propel from West Mekan AS, Nordfjordeid

Diesel tanks: about 1100 litres

Water: 2 x 500 litres

Grey water tank: 330 litres

skarpsno%20kotter.jpg Tegningskarp.gif

S/Y Nirvana is equipped for long voyages and is ready to sail anywhere in the world.

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